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2013 Flying Star

arrow-left-2arrow-right-2 Flying star chart is a discipline of Feng Shui which deals with the analysis of stars and its influence on buildings.


The flying stars are believed to be the most powerful elements in Feng Shui. The yearly stars, stay in one sector for the whole year and then moves to another one, the following year. There are stars that bring both favorable and unfavorable circumstances to someone’s life. Sectors are made up of both good and bad stars. In the case that a sector is made up of only good stars, lots of luck will be on its way to the occupant. In the case of a bad star controlling energies, this announces the coming of misfortunes and its occupant should install Feng Shui cures and remedies to avoid these.

Updating your Feng Shui yearly is the best way to get benefits from auspicious energy, and to protect yourself from the malicious star of the year.

People assume that Feng Shui is magic. When people say Feng Shui doesn't work when they really haven't applied it, or haven't applied it correctly. As Feng Shui is based upon the natural laws, the science and mathematics of earth, the universe and heaven need to be parallel in your own Feng Shui...and how I guide you this is through the Flying Stars theory placing you on your best energy its is simple and it is science.

No different from any other layer in Feng Shui, Heaven Energy influences behavior and health as well as all aspects of good or bad luck. Traditionally known as San Yuan, the Flying Stars or Heaven Energy, like all Chi (energy) and everything in nature, the energy is in constant movement. As consistent as the changing seasons, the cycle of night and day, or the tides flowing in and out, the Flying Stars are always changing.

The Flying Stars identify where all positive and/or negative life-effecting Heaven Energy are located according to mathematical formulas. They influence your good or bad prosperity, success, relationships, and life conditions. Each directional sector of the Bagua Map has a specific energetic Flying Star imprint that will always create a veil of influence based upon what room it is in as well as what stars "live there."  I know the mathematical formulas and love how the science of Feng Shui is consistent--which is what makes Feng Shui results consistent it is basic science and this Flying Star chart gives me insight to help you navigate through life. It is powerful and it is science.


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