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The Elements of Feng Shui

arrow-left-2arrow-right-2  The Five Feng Shui Elements are: Water, Wood, Fire, Metal, and Earth.

Like people, each element has its own unique personality that either enables it to "get along with" the other elements, or to "fight against" the other elements if the balance is not right.

Each Feng Shui element has unique properties.

1. Water as in trickling fountain, can signal networking, communication, professional opportunities and wealth, while running sink or toilet water that is just wasting water may signal loss of money or poor health.

2. Wood promotes development and creative energies. Wooden objects promote motivation, inspiration and passion without overwhelming home.

3. Metal elements are transmitters or conductors of energy. Introduction of metal can generate attention and transmit energy to that area. Various types of metals are considered very precious for their associations with health—for example, many people wear copper bracelets.

4. Earth has solidity and permanence to it, and the element of earth appropriately represents these qualities of stability, permanence, and home.

5. Fire is considered the most powerful of all five elements and represents energy and passion.

Though the properties of Feng Shui elements individually are important, what is more important is the positive or destructive effect that each element can have on one another, because the compatibility of elements depends upon the Cycles of elements.






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